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This site is dedicated to the people who:

  • Need help navigating the up's and down's of life
  • Are lost in the confusing void of adulthood
  • Want to embark on their personal development journey but don't know where to begin

Did any of that sound familiar? 

Like you, I found myself feeling adrift and alone, with no end in sight. I began to wonder if I'd ever make my way out. The life I was living was toxic and not sustainable.

So I decided to make a change.

I found so much useful information online and became more confident and content with my life. I figured out the patterns of behaviour that were causing me distress and as I looked around me, I realised that other people were struggling too.

I created PositivelyLost, a blog and resource library full of information about personal development, self-care, life advice and so much more.

Feel free to explore and take charge of your life!


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Hi! My name is Aileen

I started PositivelyLost to create a safe space for people to learn about self-love and personal development. I don’t have any particular credentials, besides surviving my first 20 years on Earth. I like to forge ahead in the unknown whilst furiously battling my own voice telling me to stop and plan everything. I’ve been fighting my own mind for years, and learnt to love myself throughout the depression, anxiety and many, many mistakes. Hopefully I can help other people find inner peace too.