Self-Care vs Self-Indulgence


This week I decided to explore self-care vs self-indulgence.

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Hello everyone and welcome to my second video. So today, I wanted to talk to you about self-care verses self-indulgence because that's something that a lot of people can struggle to tell the difference between. So, I had a great idea to create a little skit with different versions of me. (Laugh) Yeah that went about as well as you'd think for someone who is definitely very new to making videos. I'll just show you a snippet of what I concocted?…created.


Me: Right, time to start my assignment

Self-indulgent Aileen: what about one more episode?

Me: Who are you?

Self-indulgent Aileen: Not important, you're just getting to the good part.

Self-Care Aileen: Don't do it

Me: Okay and who are you?

Self-Care Aileen: I'm you - if you took better care of yourself

Me: What? I take great care of myself

Self-indulgent Aileen: Don't listen to her. She's a loser

Self-Care Aileen: Aileen, self-care is important


Umm…So yeah, I think I did pretty well considering I literally woke up and thought "let's do that." (Self-depreciating laughter)

So, self-care can be defined as anything that you do to benefit yourself physically, mentally or emotionally.

I actually wrote a free 'Improve Your Self-Care in 5 simple easy steps' guide which I'll link in the description. So, it's on my website, you should check it out because it's actually really helpful. It goes in-depth into how you can improve your self-care.

Basically things like drinking lots of water, doing sudokus, crossword puzzles, reading a book or even talking to your friends or talking to a psychologist can be considered self-care.

Self-care becomes self-indulgent when your actions no longer benefit yourself and actually cause yourself either short-term or long-term harm. The reason why it's really difficult to distinguish the two is because sometimes it feels like self-care and then you realise it was really not beneficial to yourself.

So take for example, eating some ice cream are a reward because you finished an assignment. That can be considered self-care because you're nourishing your body and rewarding good behaviour. However, if instead of stopping at 1 or 2 scoops of ice cream, you eat the whole tub and you end up feeling really bad afterwards - that is self-indulgence or self-destructive.

A lot of people can present a shopping trip or binge watching a TV show as self-care when in fact it's self-indulgent because it causes them financial heartache or emotional distress from procrastinating.

It's important to understand your limits. Have an honest conversation with yourself about whether it's self-care or self-indulgence. If you enjoy shopping then make sure you make a budget so that the money you do spend is from your disposable income and that you have enough money for savings, and paying your bills and monthly expenses. If you're like me and get addicted to watching youtube videos or shows, then you can use it as a reward system for completing tasks.

Being self-indulgent can be tempting, especially if you're going through emotional distress and it's easy for your resolve to be weakened. However, self-control is an invaluable skill and something that can help you throughout all the major steps in your life. And I know I've definitely got a long way to go but it's important to work with yourself and not against it. You are not an inherently bad person for being self-indulgent sometimes. It just means that you enjoy things - and that's part of being human. You just have to remember that balance is what's necessary.

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